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What to Expect During an Energy Healing Session

First contact me to arrange an appointment and know that all my energy healing sessions are distance sessions. With a distance session you are able to stay in the comfort of your own space! During this call I’ll ask you to share with me your reasons for seeking an energy healing session.

For adults, the actual energy healing session typically will last for one hour. Plan for an additional 10 to 30 minutes of phone time as we share information and session feedback. So it’s best to allow a total of 1½ hours in your schedule.


When it’s time for your appointment, you are to call me on the phone. We’ll talk for a few minutes and you may share if you’ve had any other matters come up that you would like for me to address during your session. After these few minutes then we both hang up the phone and I am ready to begin your session. At this point it is best if you are able to either sit down or lay down in a comfortable position to relax and focus within. You may play some soft music if desired.


During your session you may feel so relaxed that you fall asleep – that’s ok! You may also sense light sensations of the energy moving in or around your body; have a visual experience of seeing colors, images, or pictures; recall long lost memories – just give them a blessing and send them on their way; or you may even gain some insight on a situation you’re currently working through. Still some people don’t sense or see anything; but don’t worry – it’s still working and your energy is being balanced. But nearly everyone experiences a sense of peacefulness when their session has ended.


After I have finished balancing your energy I will call you back on the phone. I will share my findings and provide you with some recommendations for ways you can help yourself in-between energy healing sessions.


What might you expect after your session? Even though we have completed the session, your energy continues to flow and create a balance within. Occasionally, the effects of the energy work is felt immediately, but most clients will notice the effects over time. On occasion a client may have a temporary worsening of symptoms for just a short while before relief is felt.

There are no guidelines regarding the frequency of sessions. While some clients notice improvement after just one session; others may require a few sessions before noticing improvements. And others like to schedule regular sessions just to keep their energy fields balanced and to support their spiritual growth. I will make a recommendation based on my experience and how your energy responded to being balanced. But ultimately, I ask you to listen to your own body and inner guidance and to make your own decision. Balancing our energy field is just as important to our physical and spiritual well-being as is a healthy diet, exercise, and meditation.


Payments through PayPal: I will email you an invoice for payment after your energy healing session.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about receiving a distance energy healing session.

Call (517)281-1706
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