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Children's Services

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Hyper-active, Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Sensitive…. The list goes on and on with the different ways our children are categorized. In the end, they are still children and they are still perfect little spiritual beings. We want our children to be carefree and happy and grow up feeling confident in their abilities and of who they are. When children are sick, fussy, have tantrums, or are somehow out of sorts, it can be an indication that their energy is not balanced. As with adults, children also enjoy the same benefits from having the energy within and around their body free flowing and balanced. Refer to the benefits of energy healing.


Esoteric Healing, Reiki, and Fields of Consciousness are not just for adults; they are also beneficial and safe alternative healing sessions for all children. For children who are sensitive to being touched, all my energy healing services are done as distance sessions. (Refer to Distance Healing) Here are some additional children’s issues that may benefit from energy healing:


reduce fears of all kinds: separation, of the dark, of failure, nightmares
increase self-esteem
increase confidence
helps with fitting in
better able to focus
reduces the stresses of growing up
bullying (being bullied or bulling others)
decreases anxiousness due to many reasons
change of environment
change in routine
decrease sadness
helpful for settling down to sleep or staying asleep
instills calmness
tummy upsets
prone to not feeling well
energetic support of injuries


Please do not let your concerns about your child’s behavior, hyper-activity, or sensitivity to being touched stop you from trying these beautiful and helpful alternative healing sessions to help them.


Parents are asked to remain with their child during the session. The child may lie lay down on their bed or on a sofa, sit by themselves or in the parent’s lap while reading a story, coloring, or playing a game. Do not worry if your child needs to move around the room. Energy Healing is every flexible and each session will be customized to your child. Some children may even fall asleep during a session.


All sessions for children under the age of 18 must have parental consent.


Infants through age 15: 30 minute session
                                               $95 single session

Regular investment rates apply for children over the age of 15.

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